He was right. When I once asked him whether electronic versions of books would replace paper ones, he calmly replied: “I don’t think so. If this were the case, radio would have disappeared with the advent of television, and vinyl records would have ceased to exist a long time ago. A paper book will always exist because, apart from reading, it has many other uses.”

This is the beginning of an extensive, reminiscent press article that the Bernardinum publishing house published in its flagship biweekly “Pielgrzym” (no. 24/2023 – 26/11/3/12/2023). The text, titled: “Butenko – master of illustration” (including images of some covers and a photograph of the Master of Illustration) can be found on pages 23-25.

You can read a bit more about the article HERE.

You can buy a copy of “Pielgrzym” No. 24/2023 (also in PDF version) HERE.

Enjoy reading!