“Butenko pinxit” – 50 min. story of a great illustrator of books for children, an author of animations and theatrical scenery that we have kept in our hearts since childhood, is now ready for broadcast. A simple, seemingly awkward line by Butenko, transferred alive from the walls and fences of the backyards, awakens the imagination, creating countless three-dimensional worlds. Its heroes, Gapiszon or Gucio and Caesar, went down in the history of world illustration. Starring: Dr. Anita Wincencjausz-Patyna; poet, painter and sculptor Jan Stępień; actor Tomasz Fogiel; director, screenwriter and animator Witold Giersz, director Bogdan Nauka and others. The title charts were prepared by Bohdan Butenko himself. The intro of the film is below. Just click on the picture.

Screenplay and direction: Sławomir W. Malinowski
Airing time: 49 min.
System: 4K / HD stereo
Production: Leader Film Sławomir W. Malinowski 2018