Several occasions have gathered – Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Dad’s Day, and also … the first anniversary of the mural!

On May 20, 2023, the “Filip and Maja” Kindergarten and Nursery named after Bohdan Butenko organized a Detective Field Game “In the Footsteps of Gapiszon”, which took place in Golonog – a district of Dabrowa Gornicza (the originator of the route and tasks was Dariusz Rekosz – the author of Bohdan Butenko’s biography).

It all started with a “starting task”, thanks to which teams – adults and children – could pick up the necessary equipment and set off on the route. Along the way, they met several mysterious people – Little Red Riding Hood, a guitarist, a painter and a traveler. In each of them, they had to complete a specific task in order to continue their journey “in the footsteps of Gapiszon”.

The goal was to collect letters and then form the final password. Everyone (over 100 people) did a great job! After a two-hour struggle, prizes were awarded and people talked about the difficulties of the route with flushed faces. The whole thing ended with a family picnic. Below is a short photo report from the event, and more photos can be found on Facebook.