Museum of Illustration Foundation and prof. Sławomir Witkowski, Dean of the Faculty of Graphics, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk invites you to the ceremonial opening of the exhibition of posters by Bohdan Butenko, which will take place on June 4, 2024 at 18 – Galeria Grafika, ul. Chlebnicka 13/16, GDAŃSK.

Bohdan Butenko (1931–2019) – illustrator, designer of books, magazines, posters, postcards, postage stamps. In the times of the politicized reality of the Polish People’s Republic, he found a niche of freedom in works for children, in thousands of drawings appearing in “Miś”, “Świerszczyk”, “Płomyczek” and in books. By creating “Dong, Who Has a Shiny Nose” or “The Thirty-Fifth of May”, he raised a children’s book to the rank of a work of art, on a par with a poster or an animated film. He also collaborated with TVP for many years, designing scenography for, among others, to several evenings of Old Gentlemen’s Cabaret.

Thanks to the courtesy of the Artist’s daughter, Monika Grochowska, the exhibition will present forty posters by Bohdan Butenko, created since the early 1960s. The characteristic expressive line explodes with timeless wit.

You’re welcome!